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Rujan Kafle gets accepted into the prestigious BA/BS MD Program at UCD - Click here  to see the full program

Rujan Kafle working during CyberPatriot Competition.


Rangeview Recognition in the Congressional Record 2014

Computer Science & CyberPatriot December 2018

Several students came in on their Fall Break to explore Cyberaware Month with the people of Webroot in Broomfield. The students spent time on projects around programming and other topics ranging from Crypto Currency to encryption. The students were given a goody bag of backpacks, journals, and Gummy Bears! They enjoyed a nice lunch and some very stimulating conversations. The students spoke of entering the Computer Science field and were excited by the great enthusiasm of the Webroot staff. The students had a wonderful time and saw a side of Computer Science that is exciting and engaging.



Cyber Sentinel March 2014 Featuring Rangeview

Cyber Sentinel April 2014 Featuring Rangeview